Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home.


Again, my apologies for the long break in posts. My intention truly was to blog weekly or more often, but with the back injury, I do everything while flat on my back, so everything is slower, and with all the teaching I did this semester, when I have free time, the last thing I want to do is be on the computer.

The semester ended last week, and the lease on our lovely quonset hut is up at the end of the month and not renewable, so as there is a housing shortage in Barrow, we are moving into the hut pictured here.  It’s about 9×12. No bath. No kitchen.  Just beds and a table.

It’s crazy, right?  To here, everyone is so accepting of the crazy housing shortage that they seem to think this is a perfectly acceptable solution, but when I talk to friends and family outside of Barrow, they let me know that my gut instinct (which is, “THIS IS NUTS”) is spot on.

However, when in Rome….

It’s my nature to be positive, so I’m doing my best, though I am sort of feeling like I’m at the Olympics of Positive Thinking Obstacle Courses.

In other news, the back recovery has slowed down considerably without ready pool/gym access, but I’m doing what I can.

It’s now 24 hour daylight here – no sunrises or sunsets for about 90 days. It’s still chilly out -our spring is much colder than it ever gets in places like Chicago.  It’s whaling season, but the ice hasn’t opened up so the villagers haven’t been able to go out and get a whale.  They need some open water.  Climate change is probably more evident in the Arctic than anywhere else.



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