Settling In

It’s been 4 weeks and 2 days since I arrived on the eve of August 10.

I’m adjusting nicely.  I’ve made a friend – she’s the spouse of one of my partner’s co-workers, and she has a dog that one of my dogs loves, and we have a lot of shared interests and enjoy hanging out.  So that’s awesome and makes things so much nicer for me.

It’s funny – I was so terrified about living in the tiny quonset hut, but I love it.  It’s ugly on the outside, but darling inside.

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The kitchen is tiny, but the white walls are bright and we’ve decorated the sparse furnishings with blankets and tosses and fabrics from all over the world, so it’s filled with memories, and there’s the constant reminder that this is a big world, and this is just one more amazing place we’re living in.

The main way I’ve managed to make peace with living in such a tiny abode is to change my attitude about the abode:  I call it “The dog house.”  It’s like a deluxe dream dog house for animals.  They are allowed on the bed and sofa (made from a twin bed that was in here already), there are piles of blankets everywhere, it’s really comfortable, etc.  And what makes it “deluxe” is that there is a kitchen and bathroom so that the humans can coincide with the dogs.

Seriously.  Looking at it this way has made me love this place.

So I’m doing well.  School has started up again, I’m training for my 2nd marathon, and I’m getting into the baking zone, now that we have that long table.

I’ve started two other blogs and have them linked to here: charts my marathon training in the Arctic, and details my vegetarian culinary adventures in this land of the carnivore.

Later gator.